New Daily Jobs Page

We are happy to announce the lunch of a new Jop page ( our site that shows regular jobs in the different Canadian cities that we have representatives in

تم وبحمد لله فتح صفحة لدى النادي اليمني الكندي مخصصه للوظائف والتى تنزل فيها وظائف كل يوم لكل من مدينة تورونتو، مونتريال، ونبق، رجينا، فكتوريا، ادمنتن، هملتون وونزر

نتمنى ان تستفيدو من هذه الوظائف

ايضا لشباب تورونتو GTA لاتنسو ورشة البحث عن عمل بكره الساعه ١١ صبحا وكل خميس التفاصيل على الرابط التالي

شاكرين لكم،
النادي اليمني الكندي

Ramadan 2018 Greetings تهنئة بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك 1439

يهنئكم النادي اليمني الكندي بحلول شهر رمضان المبارك، نسأل الله أن يتمه علينا بخير وأن يشملنا برحمته ومغفرته وأن يقبل منا صيامه وقيامه.

The Yemeni Canadian Club congratulates you for the blessed month of Ramadhan, we seek God’s blessing and forgiveness; May Allah accept our fasting and prayers.

انظمام مدينة ادمنتون الى النادي اليمني الكندي

السلام عليكم؛

بشرى ساره لجميع اليمنيين

بعد النظر في التزكيات السابقه في مجموعة النادي اليمني لمدينة ادمنتون تم التواصل مع الاخ/ عمار ابوشوارب وبعد موافقته تم تعيينه كمندوب وممثل للنادي اليمني الكندي فى مدينة ادمنتون

الف الف مبروك اخي عمار ونتمنى من الجميع مساندته في هذا العمل الخيري

شاكرين حسن تعاونكم

مجلس النادي اليمني الكندي

عنهم اخوكم / عادل السري
رئيس النادي اليمني الكندي

Yemeni Canadian Club LinkedIn Group

In order to help each other here in Canada, we have created a LinkedIn Group for the Yemeni Canadian Club so all Yemenis in Canada would join the group and post jobs that they would like to refer others too.

Also, people like me looking for job posts their expertise so others could refer them if they come across jobs related to that expertise

It is amazing that we keep on growing with more Yemeni professionals in Canada, working together we can help each other either by referring them to a job or advising them on how to find a job.

There are always new Yemenis that come to Canada and as you know most of the jobs require Canadian experience, so therefore by all of us helping each other we would help those who are in need of our help.

Please always share jobs that would help or advises that you think would be valuable to others

Let’s get this to all Yemenis in Canada and tell them that we are here to help

Please join us

Job referral تزكية الوظائف

السلام عليكم

كما يعرف الجميع ان هناك اشخاص جدد في هذه البلاد ويحتاجون الى دعمنا ومساعدتنا وهم اشخاص موهلين علمياً وعملياً

وهنا في كندا لكي تحصل على شغل من اهم الاشياء للتسهيل هو ان يكون لديك شخص تعرفه في تلك الشركه الذي تود العمل فيها

فقد قمت بعمل قائمه مسبقه حين كنت اقيم في كالقري با الشركات التي يعمل بها اشخاص نعرفهم وذلك كان سنة 2012

فكرت الان بعمل الاستمارة التاليه لكي يعبئه كل من يعمل الان وبعد ذلك اقوم بعمل القائمه لكي تكون سهله ولكي يقوم الباحث عن عمل في اي من تلك الشركات التواصل مع الشخص المعروف لكي يتم تزكيته

ارجو من الجميع التطوع في هذا العمل الخيري وكما تعلمون معظم الشركات تدفع مبلغ كهديه للاشخاص الى تم التوظيف عن طريقهم



As all of you know that there are a lot of newcomers that needs our help and in order for them to get a job they need someone to refer them from within the company they want to work in

So, therefore i am creating this form so that all of those working would fill it up so i could build a list of companies along with the names of people working in

Also please note that most of the companies would pay you if you refer someone

Yemen Crisis – Group of Five (“G5”) UN Refugee Status exemption


On behalf of Yemeni Canadian citizens in Canada, we are writing to request that the Group of Five (“G5”) exemptions granted to Iraqi and Syrian refugees be extended to Yemeni refugees.
The G5 program allows five (or more) Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor a refugee living abroad to come to Canada, as long as the refugee is registered with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) or foreign state. However, on October 19, 2012 the Government of Canada has temporarily exempted Syrians and Iraqis fleeing the current conflict from the requirement of refugee status with the UNHCR.

Although the media hasn’t given the conflict in Yemen its fair share of coverage, the conflict is not any less violent than the war in Iraq or Syria. The UN has declared the state of humanitarian emergency in Yemen. Around 80% of the population is in dire need of assistance: food, medical supply, fuel, and access to safe zones. Other conflicts in the region in areas of interest to super powers have taken the spotlight and attracted world sympathy and foreign aid.
Civilians are caught in a war between an armed rebel group influenced by Iran and an ousted government supported militarily by Saudi Arabia. Amnesty International has documented human rights violations by both fighting parties against civilians. Those violations include random bombardment of residential areas, kidnapping, and sieges around highly dense cities.
The stance of our Canadian government towards refugees from Syria and Iraq is a world example of compassion and humanity. Canadians of Yemeni and Middle Eastern roots are seeking your help to grant them the same support and the ability the sponsor their families and loved ones via the G5 program along with the exemptions mentioned above.
Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

Yemen Crisis

Ahmed Hussen, will be Canada’s new minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship أحمد حسن تم تعيينه كوزير للهجرة الكندية

Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s first MP of Somali descent, the Liberal MP for the Toronto-area riding of York South-Weston,

will be Canada’s new minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship. (CBC Marketplace)

أحمد حسن تم تعيينه كوزير للهجرة الكندية ، فديو حفل تسليم المنصب

Changes to 2017 Parent and Grandparent Program application intake process

December 14, 2016—Ottawa, ON – Family reunification is a key immigration commitment of the Government of Canada. The Parent and Grandparent Program brings together thousands of families each year. For 2017, the Honourable John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, today announced changes to how sponsorship applications will be submitted under the program.

In recent years, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada limited the number of parent and grandparent applications it would accept, in order to manage intake and interest in the program, and keep the number of applications from growing. Rather than the January rush to submit applications by courier or mail, those wanting to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada will now have 30 days to fill out an online form to indicate their interest. IRCC will then randomly choose 10,000 individuals from those who filled out the form, and those people will be invited to send in their complete application package.

The online form will be available starting January 3, 2017. Sponsors will have 30 days to submit the form.


“We’re listening to what past applicants had to say and making the process fairer for people who want to sponsor their parents or grandparents. We’re ensuring everyone can access the application process by giving them the same chance to have their name chosen.”

– The Honourable John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship


for more info



Changes to application intake process for 2017 Parent and Grandparent Program

The Government is committed to a fair and transparent immigration system. Changes made to the Parent and Grandparent Program will improve access to the application process, given that the number of applications accepted for intake is limited. In order to give the same chance to all Canadians who are interested in applying to sponsor their parents or grandparents, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) heard former applicants and is making changes to improve how people can apply to this program.

Between January 3 and February 2, 2017, Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want to apply as sponsors must first complete an online form on the IRCC website to let the Department know they are interested in applying to sponsor their parents or grandparents.

The online form will be available for 30 days, from noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) on January 3, 2017, to noon EST on February 2, 2017.

The form will ask for the individual’s first name, family name, date of birth, country of birth, main home address, postal code and email address. Once the information is successfully submitted through the online form, the individual will get a confirmation number. They should keep this number for their records. They will need to submit only one online form, as duplicate entries will be removed. Completing the form will not mean a person has applied to sponsor under the program.

At the end of the 30 days, IRCC will remove the duplicates, randomly choose 10 000 people and ask them to complete the full application. IRCC will let everyone who completed an online form know whether they were chosen or not. Only those who were randomly chosen will be invited to apply to the Parent and Grandparent Program.

Those who were invited to apply will have 90 days to submit their complete application to IRCC. The 2017 application kit and guide will be available on IRCC’s website on January 9, 2017.

Interested sponsors who are not selected will be able to indicate their interest to apply again in 2018.


Tell us you want to sponsor a parent or grandparent

To sponsor your parent or grandparent, the first step is to tell us you want to apply by submitting the online interest to sponsor form. This form is not an application to sponsor.

The form is short and easy to complete. We ask for things like your name, date of birth, country of birth, postal code, etc.

You have 30 days to fill out and submit the form (from January 3, 2017 noon – February 2, 2017 noon, Eastern Standard Time.)

If you make a mistake, you can correct or change the information you submitted by email. Please clearly note all information you want to change. Your email must include:

  • the original confirmation number
  • full name
  • date of birth
  • country of birth.

You can only make updates to your information before February 2, 2017, noon, Eastern Standard Time.

At the end of the 30 days, we will choose 10,000 numbered entries at random. These people will be invited to submit their application to sponsor.

If you are chosen at random, we will send you an email telling you that you can submit your application to sponsor your parents or grandparents.

If you are invited, you will have 90 days to send us your completed application. You will find the 2017 forms and guide on our website on January 9, 2017.

You should check if you are eligible to sponsor before filling out the form.


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