Yemen Crisis – Group of Five (“G5”) UN Refugee Status exemption


On behalf of Yemeni Canadian citizens in Canada, we are writing to request that the Group of Five (“G5”) exemptions granted to Iraqi and Syrian refugees be extended to Yemeni refugees.
The G5 program allows five (or more) Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor a refugee living abroad to come to Canada, as long as the refugee is registered with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) or foreign state. However, on October 19, 2012 the Government of Canada has temporarily exempted Syrians and Iraqis fleeing the current conflict from the requirement of refugee status with the UNHCR.

Although the media hasn’t given the conflict in Yemen its fair share of coverage, the conflict is not any less violent than the war in Iraq or Syria. The UN has declared the state of humanitarian emergency in Yemen. Around 80% of the population is in dire need of assistance: food, medical supply, fuel, and access to safe zones. Other conflicts in the region in areas of interest to super powers have taken the spotlight and attracted world sympathy and foreign aid.
Civilians are caught in a war between an armed rebel group influenced by Iran and an ousted government supported militarily by Saudi Arabia. Amnesty International has documented human rights violations by both fighting parties against civilians. Those violations include random bombardment of residential areas, kidnapping, and sieges around highly dense cities.
The stance of our Canadian government towards refugees from Syria and Iraq is a world example of compassion and humanity. Canadians of Yemeni and Middle Eastern roots are seeking your help to grant them the same support and the ability the sponsor their families and loved ones via the G5 program along with the exemptions mentioned above.
Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

Yemen Crisis

مسابقة التحدي الاكبر

السلام عليكم؛

يتشرف النادي اليمني الكندي والنادي العربي الكندي ان يتقدما ببرنامج التحدي الاكبر والي هو عباره عن من يخسر اكثر وزن في خلال ٣ اشهر، سيبدا البرنامج ان شاء الله من يوم ٢٠ يناير الى ٢٠ مارس ٢٠١٧م، سوف يتم اعلامكم بجميع التفاصيل قريبا ان شاء الله

من يود المشاركه معنا نرجو تعبية الاستمارة في نهاية الموضوع

ايضا نبحث عن داعميين للبرنامج هذا لنخرج بجوائز قيمه للرابحين، اذا كنت مستعد لدعم البرنامج نرجو تعبئة الاستمارة التاليه:-

استمارة الراغبين لرعاية المسابقه

ايضا نبحث عن متطوعين رياضيين للاشراف على هذا البرنامج من كل المدن، نرجو تعبئه استمارة التطوع التاليه:-

استمارة المتطوعين الرياضيين

* المسابقة للمقيمين في كندا فقط


عادل أ عوضه السري
النادي اليمني الكندي
 النادي العربي الكندي

Ahmed Hussen, will be Canada’s new minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship أحمد حسن تم تعيينه كوزير للهجرة الكندية

Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s first MP of Somali descent, the Liberal MP for the Toronto-area riding of York South-Weston,

will be Canada’s new minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship. (CBC Marketplace)

أحمد حسن تم تعيينه كوزير للهجرة الكندية ، فديو حفل تسليم المنصب

Family Trip to Niagara Falls Water Park رحله عائلية الى الحديقه المائيه في نيقرا فولز


رحلة نيقراء فولز العائليه كانت ممتعه جدا للاولاد ولنا ايضاء، كانت تعتبر اجازة الشتاء للاطفال فكان هذا احسن مكان نوديهم فيه

It was an amazing family trip specially for kids as they were on winter break, it was even fun for us.

Niagara Falls in in Ontario Canada, it has beautiful places for adults and kids, this video is filmed in the Falls view Water Park that is connected to several hotel with a skyline bridge

Sandro’s New House celebration حفلة وكيرة البيت الجديد حق صادق في تورونتو

احد الاخوه اليمنيين في تورونتو كندا الاخ صادق باحيدره عمل وكيرة البيت الجديد وعزم عدد كبير من اليمنيين لحضور هذه الوكيره وكان تجمع ولقاء جميل ورائع

Sandro a Yemeni Canadian decided to invite big number of Yemenis for a lunch to celebrate buying a new house